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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT)


Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community (LGBT) and their supporters gather in central London for the annual Pride parade, and here at are proud to be part of this community that is aiming to champion diversity and always will be.




The Benefits Of Becoming A Shemale Escort


Times are changing and what people were once sceptical of has now become one of the most choices out there. We’re not talking about quinoa! Our shemale escorts in London have become one of the most popular options out there, and for that reason, we’re always on the lookout for new t-girls to join our London escort agency. That’s why we thought we’d give you the final rundown of the benefits of becoming a shemale escort here at Premier Models UK.


Could The Ladyboy Escort Life Be The Ultimate Career For You?

Earn A Good Livelihood – as anyone knows, high-class transgender escorts earn good money and so they should. Clients are paying for not only their time but their rather unique set of skills should we say. Tranny escorts are in high demand, so why not make a few pounds offering what people want. Whether it’s a dinner date or even a holiday, hiring a transgender such as yourself could earn you a very comfortable living doing what you love; meeting people and having fun.


Pay For Transformation Costs Ten Times Over – as we mentioned previously, you can earn good money as a London shemale escort. While you may not want to be an escort forever, it could prove to be the perfect way to pay off those transformation costs. We know they can rack up faster than you can say shemale. Need more money for more surgery? Then carry on working until you’ve paid for everything you need.


Explore Your New Life – whether you’re a little sissy or a muscular transvestite, being one of our shemale escorts gives you plenty of opportunities to explore your new sexuality without the worry of having to meet someone in a bar who may or may not be supportive of what you’re doing. By becoming a transsexual escort, you can embrace your new sexuality and your new body and find out what makes you tick in the safest and most welcoming environment possible.


Make New Friends – whether you choose to become close to repeat clients or better still, converse with fellow t-girls, the ability to make new friends as one of our shemale pornstar escorts is endless. Your network will grow tenfold and with that, so too will your prospects.


Better Your Lifestyle – if you want a better life for yourself, why not choose a career that offers excellent wages, flexibility and of course, the ability to meet people in high power positions. It’s a no-brainer.


 Become A Ladyboy Escort With Premier Models Today


Think this could be the perfect opportunity for you? Then contact us today and join our team! We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you aboard the Premier Models UK Shemale Agency.




How To Book A London Shemale Escort


Have you ever woken up one morning and decided you want an escort? Escorting has put down some firm roots here in London so finding one isn’t a difficult task. Whether you search social media or Google, an escort can be found far easier than the elusive female g-spot but the worry is, are you picking a lady that’s worth your time and money? To stop you from making the same mistake that so many discerning gentlemen have in the past, we thought we’d share with you the ultimate guide detailing, “how to hire a London escort.” Here goes…

Picked a Trusted London Escort Agency  

- it’s easier said than done, we know. Picking a trusted escort agency however is so important. Not only are the women you’ll be meeting well represented but they’re also checked periodically too. You can rest assured that all the women look just like their pictures and know the job in front of them. You’ll also find that women from a trusted agency will usually be more willing to ‘please’ shall we say and that’s all we really want, isn’t it?


Check Out Review Sites – reviews are incredibly important nowadays. From flat screen TVs to the new offering from Louis Vuitton, everyone has something to say and it’s no different for shemale escorts. From Punterlink to Punternet and even Captain69, there are hundreds of users who give decent, honest reviews every single day and being third-party directories; you’ll find honest reviews from previous punters. Read the good, bad and the ugly and really get to know a company. Not got a single good review? Then you may want to avoid them. Got an endless list of sparkling reviews (like us)? Then give them a whirl and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


Call The Escort Shemale London Agency

any decent escort agency will be more than happy to have a chat with you. They give you advice on choosing the right girl for the experience you’re looking for while also finding someone on their books, within your budget. The agencies are here to make sure you have the best time and any agency worth its weight in gold will help you do that.


Have Her Money Ready For When She Arrives – there’s nothing worse for an escort than having to ask for the money upfront. It’s awkward and crass. Having the money ready and handing it over at the very beginning however will make things far more comfortable and immediately put the escort at ease. A happy escort will be more willing to please and go that extra mile to really show her appreciation.


Whether you’re looking for a quality London escort to offer the ultimate girlfriend experience or an escort to accompany you to a corporate event, we have an array of beautiful shemale escorts available. For more information on our premier shemale escorts available, contact us today on 07500 200 600.





What it's like being with Shemale Escort for the first time!


We know that most of you out there are browsing. Living with your fantasy, but trepidatious about whether you can actually go through with booking a Shemale Escort. Don't worry, that's ok. It can be a big step to finally make that first booking, but once you have done, we can guarantee that you'll wonder why you were so nervous to begin with. But don't just take our word for it.


To help give you a better insight into what it's like to book one of our Transsexual escorts, we asked one of our regulars to write about their first time...


Shemale Escorts London Booking Story



Booking My First Shemale Escort in London


Look, I'll be honest with you. First of all I was nervous. I had never done anything like this before. I'd never booked a date with a female escort, let alone a transsexual.


I had no idea what I was letting myself in for at all, and had a million fears buzzing around my head. Wondering whether I could perform. Whether I really wanted to do it. Wondering whether they would even like me. Even scared that the shemale escort agency would laugh at me down the phone.


Man, I really wasn't sure what I was doing, but I knew one thing. I had to explore my desires! I had been waiting years, looking at shemale porn, fantasising by myself. I simply had to try the real thing and know what it would feel like!


So when it came to actually making the booking, I almost hung up the phone as soon as I heard the receptionist. And I was convinced they could hear the nervousness in my voice. But even if they did, they didn't show it. They were polite and professional and helped me make my booking with my girl (the wonderful TS Natalja Ferraz).


I was given her location and the booking confirmed and an hour later I was stood outside. Less nervous now, and more excited, though the butterflies were buzzing around my insides! I walked past the door twice before actually knocking and felt like an idiot when I finally stood there - I'm a grown man after all!


When TS Natalja came to the door to greet me things seemed to get a little more relaxed. No longer was I dealing with the fear in my head, but now I was 'dealing' with a beautiful blonde and her soft spoken voice.


She invited me in and I sat on the edge of the bed, unsure what to do. We got the - ahem - professional things out of the way to begin with and then her whole demeanour seemed to ease. TS Natalja was talkative and friendly. I explained to her that it was my first time and she greeted this news with a soft smile which made everything feel a whole lot easier.

TS Natalja Ferraz Shemale Escort ASS


Sitting next to me, she asked me what I wanted to do. Told me that I shouldn't be scared to let her know exactly what I wanted - she was here to please me. Oh boy, did those words chime like bells in my mind. I fumbled my way through the various ideas I'd had. I didn't want to seem rude, but my coyness clearly entertained her because she laughed, and then without a moments hesitation was on her knees before me as I still perched on the bed.


What followed, well, I ought not to get into the ins and outs of it (excuse my pun), but let's say that it was everything I'd been imagining and more. My shemale escort Natalja was tender, sweet and oh so sensual. She took her time with me and made sure that I was getting the experience that I had been craving. I think one of the worst things I'd been imagining was that the who thing might be a giant let-down, but my girl made sure that it wasn't.


I can't speak for everyone, or guarantee that you will have the same experience as me. But what I can say is that my fears and anxieties were all in my head. And that the reality was far greater than I could have imagined. I would recommend that anyone who is reading to this point make their booking and find out for themselves. But don't hesitate.


I now see a girl every few months and love every second of my time with them!



We would like to thank our anonymous fan for sharing his experience of booking his first shemale escort experience with us. Want to share yours? Email us in at and we'd be happy to publish your story.




New TS Escorts in London


Well, it's been a while, but we're back in action and we're lucky enough to have some stupidly sexy TS Escorts on our books. These filthy Tgirls are up for absolutely anything and we're delighted to bring you the latest girls to join us!


Naughty young ladies whose throbbing secrets they're just dying to share with you.


The newest TS escorts in London


TS Escort Rouge Phoenix Shemale London Escorts








TS Rouge Phoenix




One of the sexiest TGirls in the whole entire world, we are absolutely brimming with excitement that TS Rouge Phoenix has joined us in London.




A sexy pin-up model with pale, moon shimmering skin and shocking flaxen hair, she has a body that will blow you away and a huge cock that you'll be blowing for days.



Her seductive nature will have your blood rushing and your mouth salivating. Just one look from her will have you at her mercy and you'll be lost in her charm.



For in-calls in South Kensington with this green eyed girl book in advance to avoid disappointment!








TS Penelope Curvy Brazilian Shemale escort in London








Versatile Brazilian Shemale TS Penelope



TS Penelope is just so much fun. A filthy Brazilian shemale whose curvy figure and dark skin are what you always dream of.



Covered in tattoos, she's an alternative shemale escort whose style is second to none.



She's filled with a bubbling sensuality that you can't avoid. Her seductiveness pouring through her skin and undressing you through her eyes. 




Her big, thick 8" cock is truly delicious and she'll be delighted to put you on all fours and plow away for hours...









Blonde Curvy Shemale TS Beatrice Escort at London Escort Agency Shemales








TS Queen Beatrice



Shemale royalty, TS Queen Beatrice is a woman who commands your respect. And you better deliver it, or she's going to punish you.




Though if you're a good boy, she'll treat you to hours and hours of pleasure. With her thick white booty and sexy fishnet stockings, she'll have you humble, eager to please her beauty.




With thick lips, her OWO is something everyone needs to experience, and her thick 9" cock is designed to be worshipped. 



She offers incalls from her luxury pad in Mayfair.









TS Elizabeth Thick Brazilian Shemale London Escort









Curvy Brazilian Shemale TS Elizabeth



Looking like a glamour model you'd find in a lads mag, this sexy Brazilian has a throbbing 10" cock secreted in her tight little panties.




Decorated in naughty tattoos, TS Elizabeth is a filthy young lady. A Brazilian girl with an ass that will hypnotise you and a seducitve look that will have you sedated and eager to please her.



She loves playing with her tgirlfriends Sasha Hevyn and Beatrice. For a seriously filthy night, you simply have to try a shemale threesome.





Click Here To See Our Shemale Duo Escorts




Top TS Escorts London Videos


Fancy watching a little naughty shemale fun? Well we've brought you a round up of some of the naughtiest, sexiest videos from our TS Escorts for you to while away the hour... Come and see our filthy young ladies like you've never seen them before and think about booking one of our girls for the evening :)


TS Bianca Gold


One of our naughtiest ebony TS escorts, Bianca Gold is internationally renowned beauty with a body to die for!!! A seriously sexy, toned black tgirl with a HUGE endowment, you will be on your knees the second you see her...




TS Bianka Nascimento


One of the most famous TS pornstars on the planet TS Bianka Nascimento tours through London all the time, and we're the lucky lot who have the privilege of representing this sexy sweetheart! 


If you don't know her, Bianka is seriously sexy, down right filthy and seriously fun! She will give you all your desires and so much more, and that body of hers is on another level altogether!




TS Byanka Thelles


Now Byanka Thelles is just so much fun! Wow, she's into pure filth and wants you to indulge yourself as much as possible. As you'll see from our TS escort's video below, she's always up for a good time and will get you going all night long!




TS Viviane Cicarelli

TS Escort Viviane Cicarelli is a curvy, sexy Tgirl whose body will have you salivating and weak at the knees. You won't be able to wait to get your hands on her, and to pull that sexy lingerie from her figure.


Check out her solo video below to see the show she could be putting on for you tonight!




TS Roberta Lima

TS Escort Roberta Lima is a sexy blonde, tall shemale whose thick endowment will have your eyes watering! A saucy domme, she loves dominating you and her tie and tease services will absolutely blow you away!... Check out her video below:





London TS Escorts Videos


You know what the greatest thing is about running a shemale escort agency in London? Meeting some of the sexiest, hottest and most desirable TS pornstars on the planet. We are in the envious position that many of our fans want to be in - able to rub shoulders with some of the naughtiest tgirls to ever grace the screen on a daily basis!


Seeing them strut around in their tight little lingerie, their mouth watering bulges sashay through the room is something we will never ever tire of! Those TS escorts who we've seen do some of the naughtiest stuff imaginable here in the flesh!


Don't know who we are talking about? Fear not, we've scoured the web for some of the raunchiest London TS escorts videos to give you a taste of what you can expect from booking one of our awesome pornstars.


It goes without saying that the videos are NSFW... but you should't be on this website at work anyway, you naughty boy!



TS Bianka Nascimento


One of the hottest girls to have ever graced the screen, Bianka has a body that is simply unbelievable. A big round Brazilian bubble butt and lips that know their way around a cockatoo! ;) 


Check out the video below of her and pornstar Melody Starr!




Hot right? Bianka really is a very naughty TS escort, and absolutely adores getting filthy with couples who are looking to explore a kinky threesome with a fiery hot shemale!



TS Suzanna Holms





One of the biggest 'personalities' in shemale porn, Suzanna Holmes is a hugely hung t-girl who will bring you to a new plateau of pleasure and pain. With her absolutely massive BBC, you won't know what to possibly do with yourself! Watch her in this video teasing you with her body and you'll find you want nothing more than to put your lips on her...



TS Jessica Perez




Just one of the most wonderfully gorgeous TS escorts we've ever had the privilege of meeting, Jessica Perez is a cute and sweet girl with a real wicked secret sex life. To walk past her in the street you would never know how hard she likes to give and receive... This short video will be more than enough to get you in the mood for a meeting!



TS Sasha Hevyn




Our diminutive little pornstar, Sasha Hevyn's small little body belies the fact that she's an absolute demon in the bedroom! A little tgirl who really knows how to throw her weight around, it's no surprise that she's internationally regarded to be one of the sexiest petite shemales around!... And now one of our TS Escorts in London!


Did you enjoy these TS Escorts videos? Why not share them around on Twitter or Tumblr... ;)




Shemale Escort London Interracial Fantasy Threesome!


This week we bring you a naughty story from one of our favourite fans who booked two of our shemale escorts last week. Got your attention?


Of course we have! There's nothing you would love more than having two shemale escorts to please, is there?... So listen here...


I was a little nervous but way more excited as I waited for Leila Diniz and Leticia Bysmarck to turn up to my hotel. I had met Leticia before, but not Leila, let alone has an interracial shemale threesome with these two dominant trannies! All sorts of thoughts were running through my mind and I wondered whether I might actually be able to cope with these two horny t-girls taking it in turns to use me - but I figured you only live once and I wanted to experience it! Let me tell you, after reading this, so will you!


So they both turn up to my room in Mayfair dressed in those kinds of coats you imagine flashers wear, my eyes darted up their stockinged legs and heeled feet to their gorgeous faces as they smiled and said, "heya!"


I was choked for words at first and managed to summon the strength to mutter a "hello, please come in!"


Inside they looked around the room and I offered them both a glass of Champagne that I'd had brought up before (there were no expenses spared this night!). They gladly accepted and started sipping their bubbly, giggling away at each other. 


In their presence I felt their eyes boring into me, their dominant personalities overstating my own and the butterflies in my stomach went into overdrive. Two naughty shemale dominatrixes they could sense me regressing into myself and started wildly flirting with me, touching my arm and stroking my face. Teasing me with their delicate touch as they giggled between each other.


My stomach flipping, my throat was constricting, my mouth salivating. Leila in her deeper voice asked me, "what do you want us to do with you?" Her eyes looking deep into mine, I felt like I couldn't tell her any lies and confessed, "I want you two to use me!"


Leticia laughed and replied, "then be a good boy and get down onto your knees!"


I obliged immediately, not wanting to disappoint my mistresses. They closed in their crotches around me, their tight little matching dresses barely concealing their sexy bulges. I was admiring the latticed silk pattern on Leila's black knickers when Leticia grabbed the back of my head and pulled my nose into her crotch, forcing herself on me.


I let out a little whimper when she told me, "lick me". I stuck my tongue out immediately and felt her cock harden behind the course fabric of her knickers. As she told me I was a good boy obeying her, I felt Leila grab my hair and force my face onto her rock hard thick cock. 


"Do you think you can handle both of us?" She asked, sipping her champagne nonchalantly.


"I don't know," was all that my weakened voice managed to produce and the two of them looked at each other with a naughty glint in their eyes.


"Well you better try harder!" Leila responded sternly as she pulled out her huge black cock. "Now open your mouth!"


She forced herself down my throat, then pulled herself out, softly teasing my lips with the tip of her dick. Then, just as she gently removed it from my mouth, I felt that yank on my hair again and my throat bulged with the thick cock of Leticia as she demanded that I "suck it".


"Seeing a hot black tranny and a white dominatrix stand over me and use my body was the horniest situation I have ever been in..."


Black Dominant Shemale Escort LondonDominant Interracial Shemale Escort Leticia Bysmarck


They took it in turns over and over again, rubbing their thick black and white cocks over my face, my own saliva covering my skin, all the while sipping from their Champagne flutes.


When they had had enough of me on my knees they told me to come and pleasure them on the bed. Laying up against the head board, their throbbing dicks erect in the air, they kissed each other as I slowly pressed my lips gently down their legs until I reached their feet.


I let my tongue twirl around their toes, sucking the soles of their feet through their stockings. They took little breaks from each other's soft wet lips to tell me I was a good little boy doing their bidding, until they tired of me and asked told me that I had been abandoning their cocks for too long.


Holding each other's shaft I took in turns to take their dick in my mouth as deep as I could. Their willing little slave I couldn't resist, and as they asked me to get myself ready because they wanted to use my cute little ass, I knew this interracial shemale threesome was the best decision I have ever made. Seeing a hot black tranny and a white dominatrix stand over me and use my body was the horniest situation I have ever been in...


To find out more about this hot interracial shemale escort threesome, come back next week! ;)




Hung Shemale Escorts In London


At Shemale London Escorts we have some of the naughtiest T-girls around - raunchy ladies that want nothing more than meeting naughty guys and girls who are looking to explore the depths of their imagination.


We often get bookings from passive clients who want a hung shemale escort who can dominate them with the huge secret they're hiding between their legs. We find that it's not the butch t-girls who have the largest endowments, but rather the some of our more effeminate beauties that have a surprisingly large bulge in their little cotton panties.


So if a Hung Shemale is what your dreams are made of you simply have to check out the following girls - they will literally blow your mind with their huge pieces...


Our VWE Shemale Escorts



Hung Shemale Escort Pamela Moss










TS Pamela Moss



One of our most famous London Shemales, Pamela Moss is a world renowned pornstar with an absolutely gargantuan cock.



Having starred in a variety of shemale porn videos, this naughty lady is hailed across the planet as one of the naughtiest and most hung girls and thankfully she's in London!



Not for those new to dating t-girls, Pamela Moss is the perfect booking for those of you who are particularly adventurous and like to accept a challenge!











Shemale Pornstar Escort Jessica Perez









TS Jessica Perez



If you haven't already heard of this sexy t-girl then get to know!



An ex-shemale pornstar, Jessica Perez is a big booty Brazilian shemale with a figure that will have your eyes bulging out of your skull.



Her perfect breasts, beautiful ass a stunning features are complimented by her whopping 9" secret.



A tranny that loves to both give and receive, Jessica Perez will treat you to her precious little panty stuffer and and what a treat. You'll want to feast on her for hours, taking every inch like the good boy that you are!









Curvy Effeminate Shemale With Big Cock











Shemale Isabella



Sulty, seductive and down right sexy, Isabella has curves in all the right places. She looks absolutely stunning in her naughty lingerie, tight dresses and high heels, though it's the bulge in her little g-string that you will want to acquaint yourself with.



A tattooed shemale beauty, Isabella loves to play with fetishes and roleplay and loves to be adored by her willing slaves.



And if you've been a good attendant, she will treat you to the succulent 8.5" secret she stashes inside her silk panties.



Getting hungry?...










Black Hung Tranny Suzanna Holms








Hung Black Tranny Suzanna Holms



Hot. Hot. Hot and Hot. If you like big black tranny escorts then Suzanna Holms is quite simply the girl for you!



A filthy young lady, Suzanna has deveoted her life to being a nasty t-girl - she loves nothing more than getting her freak on and enticing you with her throbbing black monster cock.



You best get into training in order to handle this beast, Suzanna doesn't take any prisoners and will expect that you can be her sissy slave and appease her like she deserves!



Do you think you can handle it?










Gisele Hung Curvy Brazilian Tranny







Curvy Tranny Gisele


Gisele just oozes sexiness. A curvy blonde shemale with a whopping 9 inches tucked safely away in her pink thong, you're drooling already aren't you?


With a massive pair of double D's Gisele doesn't do things by half; she's a big girl with a big personality and a big bulge that she wants to share with you naughty guys and girls.


Who's in? You best be ready to be blown away and not be able to walk properly for a couple of days...







So what do you think of our Hung Shemales? Think you can take all that they can offer you? 


To book a date with any of these ladies give us a call on 07500 200 600 or email us on!




Forced Sissification From Shemale Dominatrix


Forced Feminisation With Our Shemale Escorts


Our shemale escorts not only provide sexy services like dinner dates, erotic massages, OWO and so on, they also provide the domination services of feminisation. That is, turning you from a man into a sissy little slave dedicated to serving their every need.


Forced feminisation is where you are stripped of your masculinity, told you no longer have your own will and forced to squeeze into girls clothes and do those things that sex slaves are demanded to do!


Whether this comes from forced homosexual relations, licking their feet, doing their chores to bending to their every whim and desire, they will take absolutely no prisoners and ensure that you are a good little sissy slut that can please your mistress!!


Forced Sissification & Sissy Slave Making


Sissification Shemale Sex Object

You will become her slave. Ready and willing for whatever your mistress wants. With forced sissification from our shemale escorts, you will be made to take your clothes off.


Once naked you will be berated for your pathetic body, shown up for being a masculine man and turned into your true form: being a little girl that begs for her master to feed her their cock! 


Then it's on to the cross-dressing!


Put into little tiny panties, frilly dresses, bras and girdles you will be made to look like a woman; forced to be the feminine little girl that you are supposed to be. 


Once you are made to look like a woman, dressed in your wig and heels, you'll be taught to walk properly, how to move well in heels, to flaunt your ass. 


You're going to be whipped for not showing your true nature all of the time, berated for not becoming the sissy slave that you are meant to be! 


You will have your cock placed in a chastity belt, because little sissy forced transvestites don't need to use it any more! With lipstick on your lips, your toes painted your earings in you will be forced to treat your mistress to massages, give her a proper suck, take a whole load to your face and thank your mistress for being so kind to you!


Our Dominant Shemale London Escorts For Forced Sissification


All of the gorgeous shemales below love to provide feminisation services for you, making you their feminine sissy slave! Top shemale escorts who will make you their prized possession and treat you to your kinky fetish for feminisation. Click each of their pics to go to their full profiles!


Dominant Black Shemale Escort SuzannaDominant Shemale London Escort IsabelBlanche Thelles Sissification Shemale LondonMuscular Sissification Expert Gloria Shemale London




Our Top 5 Shemale Youtube Accounts


We are privileged that we get to spend every day hanging out with some of London's hottest shemales. It's the dream job, filthy, naughty t-girls that simply radiate sexual desire and give off that incredible warmth and passion. For those who don't use our London shemale escort service, it can be hard to get up close and personal with a t-girl in real life, so we've added out top 5 shemale video channels for you to subscribe to.


These videos show the girls up close and personal, behind the scenes in their professional lives and in the personal lives too. Warning! You might fall in love :p


Hottest Shemale YouTube Channels


5. Sabryna Stella TGirl


Now this is some real eye candy. T-Girl Sabryna Stella likes to show off her rocking body in her various sexy outfits. From figure hugging maxi dresses to her naughty silk lingerie. Showing off her incredible bod in so many different ways and updating her channel weekly you will find yourself waiting for the next video to come out!





4. Tia Tizzianni


Unlike your average shemale youtube channel, Tia Tizzianni shows the transformations naughty young boys undertake in order to become their sissy personalities. Watch as these men apply make up, do their hair and squeeze down into tight dresses, becoming their feminised selves eager to please you ;)


In the episode below you'll see Zoei transform into the 'Virgin Bride' as well as the 'Latina Girlfriend'. Not to be missed!




Check our Tia Tizzianni's website here for more t-girl transformations and sissification!



3. Isabelli Potter


That's right, our very own super fit shemale escort Isabelli Potter has a YouTube channel! You can see updates from her personal life as well as behind the scenes footage from her modelling shoots and so much more. She's such a saucy bitch, you will fall desperately in love with Isabelli which is just as well as you can book a date with her whenever you like!





2. Vaniity


It just wouldn't be a list of the 'Top Shemales' if it didn't include Vaniity, would it? If you don't know this goddess then who are you and what rock have you been living under? A true goddess, this incredible shemale pornstar is not only the sexiest of t-girls, but she's pure filth and absolutely revels in being a nasty little girl! The only criticism is that we want more videos! Vaniity if you're listening we want to see more of you, you gorgeous, gorgeous girl!


Just imagine your face being under her in the video below...





1. Sarina Valentina


Sweet, sexy, innocent, cute, adorable, filthy. Sarina is the full package. A (currently) blonde t-girl that you won't be able to take your eyes off. She's got one of the most amazing figures you will ever see, a pair of breasts that put most women to shame and a face that could charm an angel. Below the surface is that kinky mind, however. So check out her channel for more of her life and her naughty adventures.


In the awesome video below you'll see Sarina go shopping for slutty little outfits with the one and only Bailey Jay!





Here's a bonus picture of our naughty girl Sabryna Sherman!


Sabryna Sherman Tgirl Escort Pornstart

Did we miss anyone out? Let us know and we'll make sure to include them in the next blog!!




Our Latest London Ladyboys!


As our agency grows week upon week, we have some of the hottest Ladyboys in London coming to join us and take the city by storm. From shemale pornstars to Filipino ladyboys, we're proud to say that some of the hottest and sexiest ladies can be found only with us! So let's introduce you to some our newest t-girls and find one that takes your fancy!


Filipino Ladyboy Escort In London










Filipino Ladyboy Escort ASIA


Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. A petite Filipino ladyboy, TS Asia is a welcome addition to our asian shemale stars and brings a whole new dimension to our agency.


Slender, totally effeminate and strikingly gorgeous, this experienced ladyboy knows how to please and loves to give you all the pleasure she can!


Incalls in Earls Court, south west London, Asia will travel to wherever you are in the city for a night of serious debauchery.














Sabryna Sherman Brazilian Shemale Pornstar











Kinky Shemale Pornstar Sabryna Sherman


Not a fan of ex-pornstar Sabryna Sherman? You ought to be! This filthy shemale slut is a a true fantasy come to reality. 


A blonde, Brazilian T-girl, with an 8 inch not-so-secret secret between her legs, this sexy lady will go to any lengths to pleasure both you and her.


Just take a look at some of her porn videos for an idea of what a date with Sabryna can be like! Top notch fun that will leave you aching for more!















TS Talia Thai Ladyboy Escort London










Asian Ladyboy Escort TS Talia


Another one of our asian ladyboys in London, TS Thalia is another hot piece of shemale ass from the orient here to delight you with her petite, effeminate frame.


At only 5'5'' and with a 6'' endowment, this diminutive feminine beauty loves to be your sissy slave, your little asian t-girl who lives to pleasure you, to give you all that your kinky mind can imagine!


For in-calls in Earls Court you can book Talia to come to wherever you are in London too!















Butch Transvestite Escort Valentina










Butch Transvestite Escort Valentina


Our masculine and muscular transvestite escort Valentina is a real rare delight. With a full, butch figure rippling muscles and a large cock!


This Brazilian tranny may be manly and masculine, but her effeminate facial features and horny attitude are a perfect combination. 


For in-calls in Bayswater, book her to come to your hotel for a night of hard fun!









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Top 5 English Shemales


We haven't posted for a little while so we thought we would come back with a bang! What better than to give you our top 5 British shemales, pornstars, escorts, naughty sluts - all of these horny and hung transsexuals are the best on the English t-girl scene. There's something about a naughty shemale with a British accent that we think just can't be beaten - it's classy, naughty, filthy and refined all at the same time. 


So what are we waiting for?... here are out top five little naughty minxes that we just know you are going to fall in love with too!


Zoe Fuck Puppet Shemale With Dildo





Zoe Fuck Puppet - British T-Girl



We did say that we are going to begin with a bang...



As you might have guessed from her name, Zoe Fuck Puppet is one of the filthiest English Shemale pornstars around.



A true lover over everything filthy and depraved you really need to get to know the fuck puppet to see hew phenomenal dildo shows, threesomes and cum-play.



She's one of the wildest t-girls on these shores and is sure to make you gasp with eager anticipation... Now, just to get her to become one of our London ladyboys...








Sammi Valentine English Shemale Escort





Sammi Valentine - English Tranny



Also known as the English T'Rose, shemale pornstar and full time escort, this naughty young lady simply cannot get enough of it! She craves filth in all its forms and is eager to bang her way through the British Isles.



A convincing shemale, she's effeminate, and a totally sweet and down to earth GFE with a soft spot for lingerie and perfume. So any of you guys out there considering booking a date with her, you know what to do to spoil her! ;)



A Northern scouser with a proper accent, there's something about those Liverpudlians which simply exudes pure filth... And Sammi doesn't disappoint. 



A shemale that is totally up for whatever, Sammi revels in taking a pounding and giving one too! Just check out her videos to see! 



You can follow Sammi on Twitter: @SammiValentine








Blonde British Tranny Joanna Jet





British Shemale Slut Joanna Jet


Just look at that picture! Joanna Jet is truly something special. That devious look in her eyes, that full body cat suit that's split at the ass and cock... 



You just know that any time spent with Joanna will be time you just can't ever forget. She's a hardcore UK shemale pornstar and you can bet your bottom dollar she can give as good as she can take!



With her big British dick, she'll have you moaning in bliss, aching for her to come back to you!



You can find videos of her online with men, women and other shemales - she does it all and loves to get freaky in some seriously sexy threesomes!


Follow her on Twitter for pure filth: @JoannaJet











Luci May Bent Over Shemale Cock Bulge





Luci May UK Shemale


We could have shown a picture of her face, but this one wouldn't leave our minds for some reason...



Luci May is gorgeous. A sexy lady that knows just how to have fun. She loves nothing more than engaging in kinky roleplay and delights in BDSM!



You can see a wealth of footage online of her tying up her slaves and punishing them for being naughty boys! She delights in using her rops, gags, whips and paddles and give you guys a good spanking!



Luci does threesomes, solo and everything inbetween. You can see her with guys, girls and other shemales! Some too hot to handle!


Follow Luci May of Twitter: @TGirl_LuciMay












Kims Anal Heaven Shemale UK




Kim's Anal Heaven


Kim's anal heaven... Says it all really doesn't it...


Kim is pure filth. A real slut that loves to bare absolutely everything. She delights in anal fun with other trannies as well as guys and girls - as long as her ass gets a good pounding, or she has one to pound she's happy!



She's been around the block a few times and we can tell you she knows exactly what she's doing! If you're booking her, be sure you don't have a faint heart, she'll get your blood really pumping!



Her Motto is 'the bigger the better'! You should really see what she can do with her ass!!



Follow Kim on Twitter here: @RealSlimKimmy









Have we missed anyone out? Let us know who your favourite is.


You can find our English Shemale Escorts here!




Ladyboy Escorts At Shemale London


We love nothing more than that look of a sexy ladyboy escort, her face pretty as a picture, sweet, sexy and seductive, whilst her big throbbing cock pulses away in her tight little lacey panties. We just get so turned on by the naughty little secret that these hot ladyboys are carrying around in their knickers. How sexy is it when you see the outline of her hung dick poking through her sheer, tight dress? Just thinking about it is driving me wild!


Here are just a few pictures of some of the naughty ladyboy escorts that we've been getting our rocks off to recently, so take a look and let yourself get washed away by the fantasy of being with a hot and horny ladyboy!!


Asian Ladyboy Escort iN London


We just love that look in her eyes. Deep thinking, her gorgeous face is absolutely beautiful, and her big cut dick looks so filthy attached to her soft, effeminate figure!


Hung Asian Ladyboy Escort


Pretty, gorgeous, sweet and innocent. This effeminate ladyboy has extremely soft features, her flat chest with perfect hard nipples fades down to a huge, hung asian shemale cock that has been stuck in our mind all week!


Busty Ladyboy From China Escort


This girl is cheeky. Just look at that look on her face! A filthy ladyboy that craves a good hard shag, her busty tits are picture perfect and her dark, veiny dick is just so lickable!


Winking Asian Ladyboy Escort


What is there to say about this hot asian t-girl? That wink on her face - the way that her mouth is slightly open, seductively poking her tongue out at you. Or how she's stretching her tight ass for us to get a good look?!


Pretty Pink Lingerie On Teen Ladyboy


A little different from the other pics, this one really captured our imagination. Her teen body, braces and innocent look were just so captivating. We kept coming back to think about pulling down her lacey pink knickers and fining what that bulge is hiding within...


Got you horny yet??


So if you've let the fantasy wash over your mind and want to book a date with one of our London ladyboys, then please visit our full Ladyboy Escort Gallery.


We're open 24/7!


To book a hot and horny t-girl, give us a call on 07500 200 600!




London T-Girl Videos


We're blessed at Shemale London Escorts, we have some of the hottest t-girls in town available to us 24/7 and we get to hang out with our hung trannies every single day! We get to see their every day lives, where they live and how they get themselves ready for their dates with all of you lovely gentlemen!


We know that reading their biographies and seeing their profile pictures will get your juices going, but a few of our girls also have their own YouTube videos so you can get an even better look before you book your shemale escort! Check out the couple of videos below to see some our ladies flaunting what they've got!!



Girlfriend Experience TS Escort Amanda





Our effeminate T-girl Amanda has give you this exclusive insight into her life, flaunting her sexy body in gorgeous lacey little lingerie. You can see her small little boobies and that perfect bulge in her naughty knickers!


Check out Amanda's profile here!



Stunning Shemale Isabelli Potter





You will be absolutely flawed by out stunning Brazilian/Italian T-girl Isabelli Potter. A super bodied totally effeminate beauty, she is completely 100% passable - no one would ever know she has that naughty big secret tucked between her gorgeous legs! If this video doesn't make you want to get your lips all over Isabelli's body, then nothing will! 


Check our Isabelli's full profile here!


We'll bring you more exclusive videos of our sexy transsexuals as our girls shoots come in. We love seeing our girls pampered and dressed in their negliges and their tight g-strings. We love seeing them play with themselves - toying playfully with their breasts and finely tuning their lipstick. But we will tell you one thing - there's nothing like booking a date in real life!


The videos will show you what you can experience, but actually spending a night with one of these girls will be everything you could ever imagine and so, so much more! 


To book a date with the two girls above (yes I mean a threesome!!!!), get in touch. You will never have another night like it!




Top 10 Hottest T-Girl Pics Of The Month


You know what we're like... Nothing gets us going like the throbbing wet cock of a seductive, beautiful transsexual... We spend so much of our time trawling through the internet to find the classiest, most seductive shemales online and, well, we simply love doing it.


So here is our rundown of our ten hottest TS girls that we have found in the last week... Obviously this post is NSFW, but then you wouldn't be here if it wasn't!


So without much further ado, let's introduce you to the shemales that have got our rocks going in the last 7 days!!!


Angelina Valentine Seductively Strips Blonde Tranny


One of the naughtiest scenes we've come across in a long time, Angelina Valentine, sure knows how to work a shemale's P&B... A real filthy slut, this photo perfectly captures the mood before things get really nasty.


Sexy Schoolgirl Transsexual Escort


Cute and innocent. Two words that wouldn't accurately describe any naughty t-girl we've ever met, but this teen blonde transsexual look so incredible in her roleplay outfit, we just want to eat her!


Feminine Shemale Brunette Escort Girl


 One of the most effeminate and seductive pics of a TS we have come across, this brunette seems to have that classic beauty that most guys go for, but that deep, wicked secret burns in her eyes!


Platinum Blonde Shemale With Micro Penis


Well, it wouldn't be a thread of the week if we didn't include a bit of platinum blonde micro penis action! Throw your hands up (or put them to better use) if you're a fan of micro willies!!


Brazilian Innocent Ladyboy


It's that cute and innocent look that drives us wild. Such a pretty, gorgeous Brazilian girl that has a big stonking dick to pleasure you with!


Sexy Brunette TS In Bath


Wet. Need we say more? I know you want to jump in the bath with this gorgeous shemale, I totally don't blame you. Love the tats too!


Asian Ladyboy In Fishnets


Asian. Neon. Fishnets. Threewords that will have me salivating the second they leave your lips. Thankfully this gorgeous asian ladyboy lives up to the reputation.


Vaniity Shemale Pornstar And Goddess


It's not a shemale blog post without a picture of our goddess Vaniity up on the boards. Our queen, we worship and love you and want you to come over to London ASAP so that we can bask in your glory!


Alternative Tgirl Evil Angel


Last but not least is this gorgeous TS from Evil Angel. That alternative look, her soft feminine features and that look in her eyes as she purses her lips...


Wow. It's all I can say. A true original with a pair of bolt ons that would make any many happy. We crown you queen of the week! 


(of course Vaniity still gets her own crown... hehe...)




Roleplaying With A Shemale Escort in London


Shemales. Shemales. Shemales. We just can't get enough of them. We always want more, more pictures, more hot sweaty nights spent in their bed's, more naughty days exploring each other's bodies. We crave their company, and their bodies... 


When having an intimate encounter with one of our shemale escorts, the only limit is your imagination. So don't just think about spending one hour with one of our trannies, let your imagination run wild and consider all the wild possibilities that you can explore together!


All of our tranny escorts are specialists in exploring sexual fantasies, and offer special roleplay services so you can truly explore those deepest desires that you harbour!


What kind of Roleplay Shemales can you enjoy? I hear you ask... Well... The possibilities are limitless, but why not consider some of the following.


Ebony Shemale Schoolgirl Fantasy




The Naughty Schoolgirl Shemale


Our ebony tranny Betty loves nothing more than dressing up! One of her favourites is playing as a naughty little school girl that is begging for a man to come and take advantage of her!


It's one of the oldest fantasies out there, but certainly one of the best. She's dressed in her short plaid skirt, her thong poking out and those thigh high socks... She bends over and you get a peak of her large black cock in tiny white panties...


She turns around to face you, purses her lips and says, "Spank me, sir!".... 


Betty plays cute and innocent, but don't let that fool you, she knows exactly what she's doing! My mouth is drooling just thinking about it.









Muscle Worship Tranny Escort Gloria






Her taught, tanned skin. Her thick, powerful thighs, strong arms, rippling 6 pack, rock hard ass. Her tiny tight black lingerie and 6.5" cock...


This is a true fantasy.


Let yourself be overpowered by our muscley tranny, let her take advantage of you. Put you in a choke hold, dominate you and penetrate you. Let her have her wicked way with you - you don't have a choice in the matter!


She wants you to lick her thick legs, caress her well defined back, beg to tough her abs to lick her feet to treat her like the alpha queen that she is.


And if you've been a good enough boy she'll consider letting you touch her more intimately...







Transsexual BDSM Mistress Blanche






An all encompassing fantasy, let's talk about some hard and soft domination...


Our beauty Blanche Thelles is one of the best Tgirl Dominatrixes around, skilled in the art of domination, she specialises in making you feel like the maggot that you are!


She wants you to beg, plead, scream and cry for relief as she taunts you, teases you, spanks you. Blanche loves to use toys on her clients, from big thick dildos to fluffy handcuffs.


Blanche will tie you up, have you dressed like a sissy to please her. Taunt you in those little panties, your little dress. You're her slave, her property. You do what she tells you, lick what she wants you to from the floor, kiss her ass, suck her cock blindfolded. Whatever she wants you are hers to use and abuse so don't fight! Let her take over your body!!!







If you want to book a date with any of our special shemale escorts then please let us know in advance over the phone or in your email that you would like to explore a specific fetish or tranny roleplay fantasy, so we can have our naughty lady prepare everything for you!!






Top 5 Shemale Twitter Accounts


We've got our own Twitter account where we post our favourite pictures of sexy transsexual escorts and shemales in London, so come and follow us for constant updates and naughty photos ;)




However, there are so many beautiful shemales on Twitter that it's almost overwhemling. We follow hundreds of sexy Tgirls who post their nudes, with their hard cocks and pert breasts daily. Check out the profiles of our top five girls below and if you're on Twitter we definitly recommend you give them a follow!!


1. Sammi Valentine


Sammi Valentine Shemale On Twitter


A stunning British transsexual adult model, Sammi is based around Liverpool and tweets her cam dates, hot pictures of her steamy sessions and little snippets of her personal life. A real beauty, she has that innocent look that simply drives us wild!! Perhaps she could be your valentine... ;)


To find her twitter click here!


2. Liberty Harkness


Libby Harkness Schoolgirl Shemale


What can we say about the stunning TGirl Liberty Harkness? Known for her trademark paid skirts, she oozes that raw filthy sex appeal that roleplay transsexuals simply exude. Her Twitter is full of her kinky antics, pictures of her flawless figure and updates on her sexy scheming ;)


She just takes our breath away with her perfecy body, tight ass and great cock. Follow her Twitter Here!


3. Sunshyne Monroe


Sunshyne Monroe On her Back with tranny cock


Just look into those lustful eyes, check out those pert little titties and her dark cock. Why do you think we follow her ;)... Because she's simply one of the sexiest, sluttiest Tgirl stars. We love her dark body, tanned skin and constant desire for sex!! Follow her Twitter for exclusive pics of her latest porn shoots - they will have you very hot under the collar!! Find her Twitter here!


4. Wendy Summers


Wendy Summers Tgirl Spit Porn


Kinky, filthy and frank. Wendy Summers is a straight talking shemale adult star that, by her own admission, "takes shit up her ass." Need we say more?... Follow her on Twitter for exclusive content from her website featuring some of the raunchiest shit you'll ever have seen. @WendySummers


5. Vaniity


Vaniity Shemale Porn Star


We've saved our favourite for last. Vaniity's Twitter is the highlight of our day. She loves interacting with her fans and telling all about her latest sexy pursuits. A world famous t-girl, renowned for being incredibly fun to work with and a true delight, she's hung and so incredibly sexy. We can't recommend following her enough and suggest you get Twitter just to get onboard the Vaniity train. 


As the saying goes, "to know Vaniity is to love her!"


Follow Trannssexual Pornstar Vaniity on Twitter!




Hottest Effeminate Shemale Pics


We've been scanning the web again looking for the sexiest feminine trannies that we could find. There were SO many to choose from - there are so many damn sexy tgirls out there! But we've drawn up a little short list. So take a little look at the stunning ladies we've posted below and let us know which is your favourite ;)


The Blonde Bombshell

Blonde feminine tranny


A drop dead gorgeous blonde tranny with a small cock that compliments her slim, effeminate figure and ample breasts. She's got the smoothest skin and the naughtiest look in her eyes!


The Dirty Blonde


Blonde Dirty Tranny Girl


The dirty blonde... not just in the colour of her hair. She's a very dirty girl that will do whatever she wants. Her deviancy knows no bounds and she will go to great lenghts to pleasure you. That look in her eyes tells you all you need to know!


The Innocent Blonde


Cute Young Blonde Tranny


Completing our trifecta of blondes, here we have the cutest, most innocent looking blonde tranny that you will ever see. Fresh faced and with full cheeks, she's so gorgeous with her tight little body, small breasts and little red and white panties... Want some?


The Dominatrix


Dominatrix Shemale With Brunette Girl


A slim, petite blonde in high heels stands over you with her large cut secret. You are her slave, you do whatever she tells you to do! Pretty, petite and so feminine can you think of anything much sexier?


The Naughty Nurse


Shemale Nurse Roleplay


A raunchy little slut, she's adorned in tattoos, a tiny little g-string and has her tongue licking her lips. She's here to 'make you feel better', in the way that only she can! Want to play nurses? Our t-girls love to dress up! Come and check out out T-Girl profiles!


The Fiery Redhead Tranny


Redhead Tranny Escort in London for In-calls


She sits there with her mouth open inviting you in. Shaved, smooth and waiting for you to begin, this fiery red head effeminate t-girl will take control of you, your mind, your body, your soul. Will you let it all go so that she can enjoy herself? Of course you would... Just look at that body!


Dark Eyed Diva


dark tranny girls for dates


Look how dark those eyes are. This girl is deep, her soul old, her desires stron. She wants someone who knows their way around a shemale. Someone that will take their time and press all of her buttons. And if she doesn't get it, well, she'll find her way! So seductive. So sexy. So sensual!


Cum With Me


Beautiful Young Feminine Shemale


Would you follow Alice down the rabbit hole? She wants to escort you all the way down into the depth of her fantasies. Dare you follow? Will you let her take you by the hand and lead you astray?... I would! A gorgeous brunette shemale escort, no doubt!


The Deviant Shemale


Redhead Tranny Escort in London


Ok, perhaps not the most effeminate shemale you've ever seen, but there's something about this gorgeous tranny that I couldn't ignore. She has those perfect hips and breasts, her face is pretty, her lips full and perfect for kissing (and other things!). She's what you want. What you need. She would be your everything.




A Female And Shemale Threesome


It's the ultimate fantasy, both a female and a shemale at the same time. You can fully explore your fantasies with both sexes and come to the ultimate climax with two stunning beauties at the same time...


Who could say no to that?

Well, we couldn't, that's for sure. 


A lot of our beautiful shemale escorts all know eachother and as such are able to be booked as a tranny duo.


But did you know that there are a few women available on our sister page that can also provide the ULTIMATE THREESOME too?


No?... well now you do! 


These adventurous girls love nothing more than exploring all their kinky fetishes and will fulfill all of your naughty fantasies. Very dirty!!


So who are these girls I hear you asking... Well take a look below to get an idea of the kind of stunning ladies you could pair together!!


Our Tranny Escorts:


                                                  Vita Keller          &             Sasha


Shemale And Woman Threesome Escort Vita Keller in MayfairShemale on Woman Threesome In London With Sasha





























These two hot transsexuals both live in the high class district of Mayfair, central London and love to invite you around to their exclusive and discreet apartments for a night that will remain in your memory forever.


So you have the option of booking Vita Keller and Sasha together... but who else? Well just take a little look at the beautiful young ladies below to get an idea of the kind of wild threesome that you could have...


Danni, a Black Escort for Shemale Threesome in London


This is Erika, on of our gorgeous Ebony Escorts that is very VERY close with Sasha. A dark skinned delight, you can have your own interracial shemale and straight threesome with her and we can tell you, you will want to be back every single weekend!!


Check out Erika's profile here.


Or how about Perla?...


Premium Escort Perla in Green Park


Sumptuous, beautiful and oh so experienced, Perla is a pearl of delight who knows both Vita Keller and Sasha intimately. This Brazilian threesome could even be a foursome with you in the middle... Perla loves to get extremely kinky and with the hot transsexuals above, she will be truly in her element. Booking her alonside Vita and Sasha is an experience that no other could ever beat, guatanteed!!


With loads of Toys, Bondage gear and other things for you play with, you will have so much fun you won't remember how you even came to be there...


So if you've been thinking exploring your fantasies book a date NOW!

This could be you tonight...


Male, Female and Shemale Orgy


Call Shemale London Escorts on 07500 200 600!!

By Lexy Jones





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